WhatsUpNewp: HousingWorks Fact Book provides data as conversation shifts to economic benefits of affordable housing

(Note: Over the last few weeks WhatsUpNewp has been exploring affordable housing issues. Last Friday, HousingWorksRI released its annual Fact Book, providing a detailed look at how the state and its municipalities are addressing affordable housing issues. To view our stories and podcast in this series, visit Affordable Housing. Meanwhile, we'll be continuing our affordable housing series in the upcoming weeks.)

Businesses and communities benefit when there's adequate affordable housing for moderate- and low-income individuals and families, a message that affordable housing advocates believe will begin to get those who typically have ignored the issue, to begin taking it seriously.

“A policy window is opening,” said Dr. Tiffany Manuel, a housing advocate, speaking at the HousingWorksRI luncheon at which the organization unveiled its 2018 Housing Fact Book. “Nationally we have a moment. How do I make them care? Why it's important. Why it makes us better.”

Her premise is to equate affordable housing with economic development.

It's an approach that is well documented on various websites that not only show the jobs created by construction but the number of employees that would be served by an increase in affordable housing.

Manuel's comments came on the day that HousingWorksRI unveiled findings that only reinforced Manuel's characterization of the “severity of the housing crisis.”\

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