Split Level & ADU

Split Level & ADU

What is a Split Level?

The Split Level house is a two-story single family home characterized by its entrance centered on the front face and leading onto a staircase with the option to go up to the second floor or down to the first floor. Usually a part of the first floor is also the basement because of the change in grade. The first floor/ basement usually contains the garage, a storage and utility room, a bathroom, and a large room usually used as a family room. The second floor usually contains the kitchen, a family room, a bathroom and a number of bedroom. The first floor is the ideal space for an interior conversion because it is on grade and contains an existing bathroom, however a conversion on the second floor is feasible.

Special Features

Split-Level: Split-level and Raised Ranch Housing types

  • Two-story house or two-story with raised wing.
  • Low pitched roof, side-gabled roof.
  • Uninhabitable, low pitched roof.
  • Garage as part of basement.
  • Typically have 30 foot setback.
  • Lot size ⅓-½ acre.

Options for Conversion:

On the pages that follow, take a closer look at housing's connections to the Interior Conversion, Exterior Addition, and Freestanding New Structure.

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