Ranch Accessory Dwelling Unit: Freestanding New Structure

Ranch Accessory Dwelling Unit: Freestanding New Structure

Description of Conversion

The Freestanding New Structure would be built wherever the lot can accommodate it, and has many of the same aspects that the Attached Addition did. With the building of a new separate structure, there is the opportunity to build an ADU to the space needed per family and family member. A possible downside to this type of ADU is that the family member will not live under the same roof, which might not be the best for a family member who requires more attention and or assistance.

Pros and Cons


  • Space is less limited
  • Don’t need to worry about fitting within a existing parameter
  • Won't be losing existing space within the existing house
  • Availability to connect into existing plumbing and electrical


  • Space to build is limited by local zoning
  • Need to extend existing plumbing, electrical
  • Probable need to add, adapt, or change HVAC system
  • New construction
  • Family member is not under the same roof

Options for Conversion:

On the pages that follow, take a closer look at housing's connections to the Exterior Attached Addition.

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