The Westerly Sun: Richmond council approves grant application for housing project's water system

April 17, 2018 11:34PM
By Cynthia Drummond, Sun staff writer

RICHMOND — At a public hearing Tuesday, members of the Town Council approved an application for a $310,000 Community Development Block Grant for a water system for the Richmond Ridge affordable housing project.

Representing the Women's Development Corporation, which will build and manage the apartments, attorney Kevin McGunagle explained that a second affordable housing project, the Shannock Village Cottages, would be built at the same time in adjacent Charlestown. Richmond Ridge will have 43 rental units and Shannock Village will have 11.

“We're here tonight seeking your support on the council resolution supporting the town's application for Community Development Block Grant funds related to our proposal to use the funds for the construction of a well head, the requisite pump system, the water treatment facility and piping to supply the water,” he said. “The well is of high capacity and it is our intention to allow the well in future to serve as a source of fresh water, in addition to the Richmond Ridge project, to the Shannock Water District, in the event that the district were to have insufficient quality or quantity [of water] any time in the future.”

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Courtesy of The Westerly Sun

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