The Valley Breeze: Showers for homeless coming back to Pawtucket

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'Soupman' Kelleher pledges long-term relationship with the city

PAWTUCKET - Homeless residents will once again have access to a nice warm shower after an area benefactor reached an agreement on a partnership with the city.

Peter Kelleher, of Support the Soupman Corp., said the showers will be the first step in an “incredible thing” between his organization and the city, one modeled after similar programs in Massachusetts communities.

“We're going to make change in Pawtucket. It's going to be a model,” he said Sunday, hours before an official unveiling of the shower program during an event at McCoy Stadium. “No one's going to walk around without jackets, boots and what they need.”

According to Kelleher, also known as “the Soupman,” his organization's showers will be in the city for the first time Thursday, Sept. 12, and then every Tuesday after that. He grew emotional as he shared how this week marks three years since the overdose death of his son, an event that prompted him to get involved in charitable efforts for those impacted in similar ways.

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