The Valley Breeze: Most tenured Prospect Heights tenant worries amid renovations

PAWTUCKET - In June, Dorothy Remiesiewicz will start her 63rd year as a tenant at Prospect Heights. At 92, she says she's the oldest resident there, and quite possibly the most opinionated.

Remiesiewicz acknowledges that she's been spoiled during her decades living in the housing complex she loves - every one of the eight or 10 executive directors here has had a good heart, she says - but she also doesn't see a reason why things shouldn't continue as they've been.

“I haven't regretted one minute of living here,” she said, despite some people wondering originally why she was moving in.

For the first time, says Remiesiewicz, she's considering leaving Prospect Heights at 560 Prospect St., though at this age, she says her options are limited.

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Courtesy of The Valley Breeze
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