The Public's Radio: The Triple Decker Menace

You walk by them, maybe you live in one. But do you know the triple-decker home was once a symbol of anti-immigrant sentiment in New England?

by Alex Nunes,Ana Gonzalez

GONZÁLEZ: Hey, everybody. I'm Ana.

NUNES: I'm Alex. And you're listening to Mosaic.

GONZÁLEZ: Alright. So if you say the words “New England triple decker” to someone in California or Tennessee, they're probably going to think you're talking about a specialty sandwich.

NUNES: But for people in our neck of the woods, there is no confusion. A triple decker is this iconically New England building: One house, three stories for three families, and, traditionally, a porch on every level.

GONZÁLEZ: But triple deckers are much more than houses.

NUNES: Right.

To listen to the full interview, visit The Public's Radio

Courtesy of The Public's Radio

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