The Public's Radio: Life at the Newport Motel 6: The motel has become a shelter for people experiencing homelessness as affordable housing grows scarce

As the housing crunch worsens around Newport, the local Motel 6 has been turned into a homeless shelter. It was officially converted this winter to accommodate the growing need for temporary housing. Almost 80 people currently live there, including one mother who has spent months trying to make a life for her family inside the motel — and a future outside it.

by Antonia Ayres-Brown

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The sun was emerging over the horizon on a recent weekday morning, and the parking lot outside the Newport Motel 6 was already noisy. Seagulls and sparrows circled overhead, and cars wizzed down JT Connell Highway, just yards away. Next door, a strip mall was getting busy, with shoppers hurrying in and out of the local Wal-Mart.

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Courtesy of The Public's Radio

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