The Public's Radio: Ep. 21: What Happened To The Triple Decker Dream?

For generations, the triple decker home provided a reliable path for thousands of immigrants who dreamed of becoming homeowners. But, today, things are changing.

by Alex Nunes,Ana Gonzalez

GONZÁLEZ: Hey, everybody. I'm Ana.

NUNES: I'm Alex. And you're listening to Mosaic.

GONZÁLEZ: For generations, the story of the New England triple decker home was pretty simple.

NUNES: You come to this country as an immigrant, rent one unit of a three decker apartment, save up your money and buy your own triple decker. Then, when the time is right, you pass on the home and that generational wealth to your kids.

GONZÁLEZ: But today, the triple decker narrative is a lot more complicated.

To view the complete story, and listen to the interview, visit The Public's Radio

Courtesy of The Public's Radio

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