RIH: 2018 Annual Report

Invest. Build. Believe.
Powerful words. A bold statement.Yup…that's the point.

There's not a city or town in Rhode Island that we haven't in some way touched. Look around.Whether it's new rental homes, a mixed-use development in your downtown, or your new neighbors across the street. We've played a part and we want to continue to help define the housing landscape in the state.

Our new online annual report illustrates just some of the highlights from 2018. We have many more stories to tell and are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead. So, stay tuned while we continue toInvest. Build. Believe. in Rhode Island!

$780 Million_
Impact on the RI Economy
This included $458 million in mortgages and assistance to homebuyers and homeowners, $139 million in financing to construct or rehabilitate 773 apartments and $183 million to help thousands of Rhode Island renters.

Courtesy of RIHousing

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