Rhode Island Foundation: The results are in for TogetherRI

Thank you again for participating in Together RI! The final results are in, and we are excited to share them with you today.

As you know, Together RI was a series of 20 neighborly get-togethers that began on March 22, 2018 and ended on May 5, 2018. Nearly 1,300 Rhode Islanders - like you - enthusiastically participated alongside their neighbors, strangers, and friends - sharing a family-style meal and talking face-to-face at schools, community centers, and other places that were well known and accessible. The Foundation's role in Together RI was to provide the platform, and a meal for participants, and then to step back and listen carefully. Independent professional facilitators guided each session and University of Rhode Island (URI) researchers synthesized the table discussion notes and surveys completed by participants.

When we initiated Together RI we did so with two goals in mind:
  • To find out, first-hand, about where individual Rhode Islanders see opportunity in our state, and where they identify challenges.
  • To create a neutral place for dialogue on topics that are critical to our common future, and a place where divisiveness and polarization was successfully left at the door.

Thanks to the thoughtful participation of so many Rhode Islanders - who shared their experiences, their time, and a meal with us - we collectively accomplished those goals.

As the state's community foundation we will use what we've learned through Together RI to inform our civic leadership efforts. This week we'll begin communicating the results broadly - via local media, and to state and local leaders. We will also encourage our partners - and more deliberately find opportunities ourselves - to create space for civic and civil dialogue, community engagement, and face-to-face connection between Rhode Islanders. And, we will continue to encourage individual Rhode Islanders to get involved, and stay involved in our community - to engage and work alongside other Rhode Islanders to help ensure our collective success.

A selection of the results is available at www.togetherri.org, along with a link to the full report prepared by the talented team of researchers at the URI Social Science Institute for Research, Education, and Policy.

Thank you again for joining us at Together RI!

Courtesy of Rhode Island Foundation

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