ProJo: Health disparities in R.I.: Wellness tied to race, income, education and ZIP code

“The conditions and environments in which we live, work and play have an enormous impact on our health, often dictating the availability and quality of resources that help people live healthy lives,” according to the state health department's 2015 Minority Health Facts. For some health experts, such disparities are a social-justice issue.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Jalen Hayre was just shy of his second birthday when he and his young single mother, Joanna N. Ravello, moved into an apartment on Smith Hill. It offered independence and the rent was affordable, but the building was old.

“The owner probably did what he could, but it wasn't well-kept,” said Joanna when The Journal visited the home she shares with her now-grown son. “Lots of chipping paint, lots of dust all over the house, on the windowsills.”

Jalen liked to stand at those windows, watching children play in the driveway below.

“He'd look down and laugh and giggle,” recalled Joanna.

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Courtesy of Providence Journal

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