OPENING MARCH 19 in The Gallery at City Hall, 4:30pm - 6:30pm - Liveable RI Poster Campaign

Welcome to spring in the Gallery at City Hall!

We are getting ready to put up work created for the Livable RI Poster Campaign and will be celebrating the exhibition curated by the Civic Alliance for a Cooler Rhode Island from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM on Thursday, March 19, 2020.

There will be light refreshments and a brief speaking program.

If you can RSVP on our Facebook page that would be great.

Livable RI Poster Campaign

These posters call out for a civic alliance to reverse global warming. They echo the art that built community around wartime efforts, especially those produced by the United States Food Administration during World War 1. The substitution of Secretary of the Future is Kurt Vonnegut's idea that government must better account for long-term interests of future generations. The Livable RI seal indicates the place of origin with cattails representing local flora at the edge of our coastline in this vulnerable state. The art work was generously donated by local artists and professionals eager to be part of a transformative civic response to the ominous threat of a changing climate. The artists include Irene Allen, Jim Bush, Bob Chatham, Lucy Handy, Mimo Gordon Riley, Janet Downing Taylor, and Edith Vonnegut. The project manager was Paul A. Roselli and the artistic director was Janet Downing Taylor. The concept was developed by Seth Handy with valuable contributions by many volunteers.

The Civic Alliance for a Cooler Rhode Island is a Rhode Island grassroots volunteer organization which assesses, informs, and activates efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in or attributable to Rhode Island. CACRI is philanthropic and includes promoting social learning about climate change, including especially the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improving the commonweal, and protecting the environment and the functioning of the ecosystem. We continue to look for volunteers and donors for many of our position papers and projects.

For more about The Gallery visit our website here.

Courtesy of the City of Providence

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