Newport Daily News: GUEST VIEW: End Source of Income Discrimination in R.I.

April is National Fair Housing Month, so there is no better time to reflect on the challenges too many Rhode Islanders still face to access a safe, decent home they can afford.

Fifty-two percent of Newport renters are housing cost burdened meaning they pay more than 30% of their income toward rent and utilities. The average two bedroom rent in Newport is $1,753 per month and in order to afford this rent a household needs to earn $70,120. Full-time working families earning the R.I. minimum wage earn just under $20,000 annually.

Low-income Rhode Islanders face many barriers to accessing housing including the rising cost of rent and a shortage of apartments — especially affordable ones that are close to critical resources like transit, jobs, or family and friends. But did you know that many Rhode Islanders also must overcome discrimination for the very resources they rely on to make their housing cost affordable? It's called Source of Income Discrimination and, unlike in Massachusetts and Connecticut, it's perfectly legal in Rhode Island.

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Courtesy of The Newport Daily News

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