JOB OPENING: Homes RI Communications Specialist

Housing Network of RI is hiring a full-time Communications Specialist for Homes RI.

This is an important position to Homes RI as this person will be responsible for managing external communications, coordinating messaging, and supporting outreach and engagement in Homes RI.

Homes RI Communications Specialist Position Description

About the Housing Network of Rhode Island (HNRI)

HNRI is the State's membership organization for non-profit agencies that are committed to the development of affordable homes and vibrant communities across Rhode Island. HNRI is the backbone organization for Homes RI. HNRI is an equal opportunity employer and does not unlawfully discriminate against employees or applicants on the basis of race, color, country of ancestral origin, religion, disability, familial status, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, or status as a victim of domestic violence. Whenever practicable, HNRI will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities to the extent required by law.

About Homes RI

Homes RI is a coalition of organizations working together to increase and preserve the supply of safe, healthy and affordable homes throughout Rhode Island. We believe Rhode Island can and should be a state where all residents are able to live in safe, healthy and affordable homes in thriving communities.

Overview of Position

HNRI is seeking a passionate individual to execute strategic communications for Homes RI and support resident-centered engagement activities for the effort. This position will focus on implementing strategies to increase community engagement and motivate the public and policymakers to drive change that will result in increased affordable homes for Rhode Islanders. This encompasses managing overall external communications for Homes RI, coordinating strategic messaging among partners, and supporting engagement of diverse participants.


  • Manage external communications activities: Update, edit and manage websites and social accounts, draft newsletters and updates, design print materials and digital content, support event logistics and promotion, develop relationships and coordinate with media/press. On occasion, this position may supervise interns who are engaged to assist with HNRI / Homes RI communications and marketing activities.
  • Coordinate strategic messaging and communications efforts among the various stakeholders involved in Homes RI: Develop key messaging points, create accessible content for partners to utilize, promote partner events/share updates, support Homes RI Communications Working Group, develop media strategy and press kit, represent HNRI/Homes RI at meetings as required.
  • Support engagement of residents, organizations, and other stakeholders in Homes RI activities: Assist with outreach to introduce new stakeholders to Homes RI, utilize informal feedback, available data and current research to tailor messaging, info sessions and other modes of outreach to specific communities / constituents, support involvement of community members most impacted by lack of affordable housing in Homes RI, ensure that Homes RI communications are accessible to diverse audiences.

Homes RI Communications Specialist Position Description

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Qualities:

  • Excellent written and oral communications skills
  • Interpersonal skills including active listening and reflecting, ability to connect and collaborate with others
  • Culturally sensitive and committed to principles of equity and inclusion
  • Interest in community development and housing justice
  • Openness to receiving feedback from variety of stakeholders and to incorporate emergent findings into work
  • Experience in communications, journalism, or public relations work, including marketing and messaging strategy development, working with various forms of print and social media, and/or event planning support
  • Demonstrated ability and comfort using applications and technology including Microsoft Office, Google Apps, and social media platforms (Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter).

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Marketing, Community Development, Political Science or a related field
  • Demonstrated experience in media relations
  • Familiarity with Adobe Acrobat Pro, Canva, Hootsuite, and GoToMeeting
  • Bilingual / bi-literate in English and Spanish
  • Background knowledge in community development, housing, homelessness and/or community organizing
  • Familiarity with Rhode Island and its distinct and diverse communities

Compensation and Benefits: This is a full-time, non-exempt position of 40 hours per week. Salary range is

$42,000 - $45,000 annually. Benefits include 12 paid holidays, three personal days/year, paid vacation days, paid sick time, bereavement leave, health and dental insurance, eligibility to participate in employer- sponsored 403(b) retirement plan, access to professional development opportunities, and mileage reimbursement.

Work Hours and Schedule: HNRI hours of business are Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm. It is expected that employees will generally follow this schedule and complete work in the office. Following satisfactory completion of a 90-day introductory period, the employee may arrange a flexible work schedule that includes off-site work with their immediate supervisor and approval from the Executive Director. Out-of-office time should not exceed more than 40% of the employee's total weekly hours (16 hours/week for a 40-hour/week position).

Supervision: This position will report to the Housing Opportunities Initiative Manager Katie West.

Equipment and supplies: The Housing Network of Rhode Island is an open office with cubicles. The employee will be furnished with an individual cube, laptop (with Microsoft Office Suite) and monitor, and landline telephone with wireless printer access. The building has a gate-entry parking lot/street parking, accessible entrance with ramp, and an elevator. It is accessible by public transit on the RIPTA R-Line.

To Apply:

Please e-mail a letter of interest and your resume by 11:00pm on Sunday, January 26 to Ms. Katie West at Please include the position title in the subject heading of your e-mail.

Courtesy of Housing Network of RI

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