Enterprise: Community Developments: Enterprise is Encouraged by Recent Release of Federal Mitigation Funds

  • In an article in E&E News' Climate Wire, Enterprise's SVP of Public Policy and Senior Advisor for Resilience Marion McFadden comments on the recent release of more than $7.5 billion in federal mitigation funds, which will be distributed through HUD's new Community Development Block Grant-Mitigation (CDBG-Mitigation) program among 15 states and localities hit by natural disasters in recent years. McFadden notes that it was heartening to see Congress authorize major investment in mitigation, primarily targeting communities of modest means. McFadden also points out that "Congress has come a long way in understanding the importance of being forward-looking, just as governors and mayors have." (E&E News, September 9) HUD has released the CDBG-Mitigation program requirements to enable grantees to develop and submit for approval mitigation plans and ultimately receive their allocated mitigation funds. However, HUD is withholding mitigation funds for Puerto Rico due to alleged “fiscal irregularities and financial mismanagement.” For resources on disaster mitigation and rebuilding, visit the Enterprise website.
  • In an Affordable Housing Finance Magazine op-ed, Enterprise Director of Design Leadership Ray Demers and Senior Research Analyst Ahmad Abu-Khalaf examine challenges and opportunities to bringing off-site construction to scale. The authors discuss financial, regulatory and technical barriers that inhibit developers from using off-site construction to create more affordable multifamily housing. The authors argue that time savings should not supersede “addressing residents' and communities' goals through the design and development of their projects, which is critical to every development's success, regardless of whether it was built on site or elsewhere.” (AHF, September 6) Read our report on Overcoming Barriers to Bringing Off-Site Construction to Scale.

Courtesy of Enterprise

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