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Sign the SAVE for All Statement of Principles!


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We have less than two weeks to go and we need your help. The deadline to sign on to the Strengthening America's Values and Economy for All statement of principles is December 14th. If you haven't already, please sign on your national, state, or local organization today. Even if you have signed in previous years, we need your signature again this year.

Why is signing the SAVE statement of principles so important?

This coming January, over 100 new members will be sworn in to the 116th Congress. It is imperative that we meet them with a strong commitment to keep human needs policies, programs, and priorities front and center.

Members of the Coalition on Human Needs created Strengthening America's Values and Economy for All to ensure that basic human needs are not ignored in Congress. Here are the four principles we've promoted since SAVE started in 2011:

Protect Low-Income and Vulnerable People.

Proven programs like SNAP/food stamps, housing assistance, and others lift millions out of poverty, but are repeatedly targeted through proposed cuts and harmful structural changes. Our nation's security and strength depend on investing in and protecting our people, including the public services that support them. When we reduce poverty, hunger, and ill-health, we build prosperity that advances us all.

Promote Job Creation and Strengthen the Economy for All.

Congress must always keep in mind that no matter how well Wall Street is doing, it is the people on Main Street that they serve. OUR government is for ALL of us and should invest OUR money in ALL of us.

Increase Revenues from Fair Sources.

We are the largest economy in the world, the 3rd largest nation by population, and the programs that our nation rely on cost money. That's simply a fact. You can't starve your way to health. We call on Congress to ensure that the rich and corporations pay their fair share.

Seek Responsible Savings from Wasteful Spending in the Pentagon and Elsewhere.

Deficit reduction by eliminating waste is good. We need to tackle the areas of our budget where waste comes in by the BILLIONS, not by forcing social services to tighten their already tight belts.

We need national, state, and local organizations who agree to sign on. You can sign on your organization here.
(Since the statement is updated, please sign even if you have done so in past years — thanks!)

Already signed? Please help us spread the word by forwarding this email and using our social media toolkit.

Please reach out to Joseph Battistelli ( at the Coalition on Human Needs with any questions.

- The Coalition on Human Needs

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