BHRI III Round 3 is out

Application Deadline: 3 p.m. Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Housing Resources Commission is pleased to announce the opening of a competitive funding round for Building Homes Rhode Island (BHRI), a State-funded initiative of the Housing Resources Commission. At this time, the Housing Resources Commission will be making an estimated $12 million available for the development and preservation of affordable housing.

While the BHRI RFP is using the same/similar forms as other initiatives administered by Rhode Island Housing such as the HOME, HTC programs, please note the program requirements, priorities and application process are distinct and may differ.

The BHRI 3 (Round 3) RFP, however, is also soliciting interest relative to the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). The NSP is designed primarily to acquire and rehabilitate abandoned and foreclosed properties in neighborhoods highly impacted by the foreclosure crisis. An Appendix requesting information for those projects which would qualify for NSP consideration, has been attached to the application. Projects meeting NSP program requirements should complete these Appendix questions. Support of such proposals will be considered from both funding sources (BHRI and/or NSP). Failure to complete the appendix questions could negatively impact consideration of your project.

Please note that projects targeting Special Needs populations, broadly defined to include the homeless, disabled, elderly or any other population requiring special services/accommodations - will be highly prioritized in this funding round.

Projects which fall within identified Opportunity Zones, should detail such the application narrative. Opportunity zones are a community investment tool intended to encourage long­ term investment in key areas. It is a priority objective that State investments be coordinated in such areas.


  • Application materials will be posted and available on the State's website at http: //www.ohcd.rj.gQy .
  • Incomplete applications, applications submitted on incorrect/ obsolete forms and those omitting the requested documentation will not be evaluated.
  • Applicants must submit three hard copies and one electronic version of the full application on CD or thumb drive to the address provided below.
  • Applicants may submit multiple proposals for more than one project in any given funding round.
  • Housing Resources Commission reserve the right to adjust funding amounts requested by any applicant based on need, demand, and project fit with available sources.
  • Current Low Income Housing Tax Credit project sponsors that still require additional funding sources as part of their existing proposals MUST submit an application for BHRI funds in response to this RFP.


Nonprofit housing developers, for-profit developers, public housing authorities, municipalities, faith-based organizations, community housing development organizations, recognized tribes, state departments or agencies and redevelopment corporations.


Threshold criteria will be utilized to determine which applications will conform to the requirements of the funding round. Any application determined to be non-compliant with the stated threshold criteria will be eliminated from consideration:

  • Applications must be complete, including all attachments as listed in the application.
  • The applicant must be in Good Standing with the organization's state of origin and the State of Rhode Island;
  • The applicant shall not have any pending lawsuits with the municipality in which they propose to develop;
  • Projects must be consistent with income targets outlined in this RFP;
  • Properties and activities proposed for consideration must be eligible in accordance with BHRI regulations;
  • Projects must meet timeliness requirements referenced in the BHRI regulations;
  • Proposals must meet all appli
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