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Please note this section is still "under construction" and will be replaced by an interactive map with links to each region and municipalities within. If you are seeking municipal information at this time, please see the 2017 Housing Fact Book.

Explore the Regions of Rhode Island

The following pages provide overviews of the regions explored in the Projecting Future Housing Needs Report. Going beyond their housing needs to those aspects of each region that make them desirable to call home.

In its Projecting Future Housing Needs Report (April 2016), commissioned by Rhode Island Housing, HousingWorks RI worked with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), based in Boston, to devise projected housing needs across the state. The analysis used Public Use Microdata Survey Areas (PUMAs), as used in the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey Public Use Microdata Survey (PUMS) data. The most recent PUMA definitions were created in 2012. In Rhode Island, adjacent municipalities are grouped into six separate PUMA and the remaining PUMA is the City of Providence.

Despite Rhode Island’s status as the smallest state in the United States, its 39 municipalities include hundreds of neighborhoods and villages that provide unique environments and living experiences. Moreover, within those cities and towns are histories already rich with the experience of blending housing and livelihoods. Many of Rhode Island’s villages hark back to the state’s heritage as the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution, with many mills now forming the cornerstone of new communities–bringing housing and commerce–back to these villages.

From the charm of bayside Wickford to the bucolic appeal of Chepachet and from the eateries and nightlife of Downtown Providence to the seaside vistas of Newport, the state offers a surprisingly rich and diverse range of lifestyle choices.

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