Garage Conversion & ADU

What is a Garage Conversion?

The garage is a great option for those who can park their vehicles in a different spot. It almost always already has a connection to the house and (if built for two cars) has ample area for a spacious ADU. Garages however are also not always well insulated and may lead to some problems in terms of adaptability.

Pros and Cons 


  • Shell is already provided 
  • No existing spaces - a blank floor plan
  • Existing connection to house 
  •  No loss of family space
  • Add to and work into the existing plumbing, electrical, and HVAC 
  • Very close accessibility between family and family member

  • Cons

    • Shell may need to be insulated/added to
    • Addition of windows into shell is needed 
    • Garage door needs to be patched and insulated
    • May be size constraints 
    • Loss of space for cars/storage
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