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City of Pawtucket: Housing and Community Development Survey

The City of Pawtucket is developing a five-year plan to guide policy, action and investment in housing, economic development, infrastructure and community and public facilities in the coming years.

The Valley Breeze: Grant funding not part of showers for homeless

No Community Development Block Grant funding from the city went toward the construction of recently closed showers for the homeless at 185 Dexter St., say officials.

Valley Breeze: Draft law on affordable housing offers incentives

Preliminary drafts of the city’s new affordable housing ordinance do not include a mandate for a minimum of 10 percent affordable units within the Conant Thread district surrounding a coming new train station, says Councilor Terry Mercer.

The Valley Breeze: City’s homeless left without shower access

Imagine, says Adrienne Marchetti, not having access to daily showers during the hottest and most humid days of summer. That’s what the city’s homeless residents now face after House of Hope’s ACCESS-RI program, which meets homeless needs on a walk-in basis, permanently closed its doors at 185 Dexter St. last Friday, June 28.

Valley Breeze: Officials considering incentives on affordable housing

Finalizing local rules on affordable housing will take plenty of creative thinking, say those doing the legwork.

The Valley Breeze: Council will hold separate meetings on affordable housing mandate

The City Council is planning a series of meetings on a proposal to require 10 percent affordable housing in the new Transit-Oriented Development district around a coming new train station off Main Street.

The Valley Breeze: Council asked to approve bulk of train station zoning

Officials are asking the City Council to adopt the majority of the proposed Conant Thread District Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) zoning ordinance for the area around a coming train station so redevelopment efforts there don't grind to a halt.

Valley Breeze: Council puts train zoning on hold amid call for 10 percent affordable units

Creation of a new zoning district around the city’s coming train station is too important to approve it in a “half-baked” form, say City Council members.

Valley Breeze: Some call for affordable housing mandate near train station

Some in the city are advocating for a requirement that any development within the new 150-acre Conant Thread District surrounding a coming commuter rail station include at least 10 percent of the project as affordable housing.

PBN: R.I. Housing awards $200K to financial counseling, homeownership programs

The R.I. Housing and Mortgage Finance Corp. board awarded $200,000 in grants in November to several city-based programs that support homeownership, financial counseling and environmentally “green” infrastructure.

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