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The Chariho Times: SCHH aims to improve home affordability in Washington County

Habitat organizations across the country are mobilizing to influence policy and system change at the federal, state and local levels.

NK Standard Times: Planning commission supports affordable housing amendment

The planning commission voted to recommend the town council amend the town’s affordable housing ordinance and modify the area median income (AMI) threshold in the North Kingstown town ordinance to align with the state’s AMI, which is 120 percent AMI. The town’s affordable housing designation is currently 80 percent AMI.

The Standard Times: Planning commission modifies Wickford Woods project

The North Kingstown Planning Commission discussed Tuesday modifications to the Wickford Woods project, a major land development consisting of 40-unit condominiums located on Ten Rod and Tower Hill Roads. The discussion, at times heated, ended with the commission approving some of the modifications, while rejecting others that would have entailed making changes to the zoning ordinance, something the commission decided should be left up to the town council.

ProJo: Towns lobby for easing of R.I.’s affordable-housing mandate

Narragansett Town Planner Michael J. DeLuca, speaking for eight communities in Washington County, urged a legislative commission Wednesday to change state law so that more low-cost housing could be counted as affordable housing.

ProJo: Financing OK’d for housing in Lincoln, North Kingstown and Providence

The Rhode Island Housing Board of Commissioners approved financing and low-income-housing tax credits Thursday for three affordable developments, one each in Lincoln, North Kingstown and Providence.

ecoRI News: Poorly Planned Green Energy Grows in Rhode Island

Both climate solutions are identified as “green” — in fact, one literally is — but the Mother Nature-created one is being destroyed to make room for the manmade one. Some proponents of the latter say chunks of the former need to be sacrificed if society is to kick its dirty fossil-fuel habitat. Their well-intentioned argument goes something like this: we can’t say no to everything and we need renewable energy. While renewable energy is a must, it shouldn’t be given carte blanche to be sited anywhere and everywhere. If that’s the development practice Rhode Island embraces, environmental degradation will continue. Public health will suffer.

ProJo: R.I. facing a crisis in affordable housing

North Kingstown duplex illustrates the regulatory battles developers face; state’s housing crisis will rival those in Boston, New York and San Francisco, where costs have escalated to the point where only the wealthy can buy homes.

East Greenwich Pendulum: Towns lose thousands in expected grants

Several Rhode Island towns are facing negative impacts after being notified in late July that many of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) applications for local programs and agencies will not receive the funding they typically see. Locally, six social services programs applied for a total of $136,702 to fund several projects in the area, and after the meeting in late July, East Greenwich, along with many other towns across the state, were notified that none of their applications from the Plan Year 2016 will receive funding.

Turn to 10: Rhode Island home sales booming

Rhode Island's real estate market is showing no signs of slowing down, as parts of the state are seeing a big boost in home sales. Although many home prices are climbing with more buyers in the market, interest rates are still low, which makes a larger mortgage more affordable.

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