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PBN: HUD: Veteran homelessness in R.I. ticks up amid national decline

The number of homeless veterans declined 5.4 percent year over year in 2018, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Thursday, decreasing from 40,020 to 37,878 veterans nationwide.

WhatsUpNewp: HousingWorks Fact Book provides data as conversation shifts to economic benefits of affordable housing

Businesses and communities benefit when there’s adequate affordable housing for moderate- and low-income individuals and families, a message that affordable housing advocates believe will begin to get those who typically have ignored the issue, to begin taking it seriously.

UWRI: Candidates for Governor Meet and Greet

Join United Way of Rhode Island on Monday, October 22 for a moderated meet and greet with the candidates running for Governor of Rhode Island.

WhatsUpNewp: Affordable Housing – Part 2: More than a thousand RIers are homeless

On any given day, more than a thousand Rhode Islanders are living on the streets – in cars, in bus or train stations, in shelters, or sleeping on the floor at the home or apartment of a relative or friend. On any given day, thousands of Rhode Islanders are clinging to civility, living in housing they can’t afford, foregoing food, medicines or healthcare insurance.

ProJo: Health disparities in R.I.: Wellness tied to race, income, education and ZIP code

“The conditions and environments in which we live, work and play have an enormous impact on our health, often dictating the availability and quality of resources that help people live healthy lives,” according to the state health department’s 2015 Minority Health Facts. For some health experts, such disparities are a social-justice issue.

UWRI: How Affordable Homes Affect RI's Future

RI’s lack of affordable homes: how bad is it?

ProJo: ACLU challenges R.I. high court rule restricting nonprofits

A Massachusetts fair housing advocacy group is arguing that a Rhode Island Supreme Court rule requiring that nonprofit organizations only represent indigent clients is preventing it from providing legal assistance to people who are facing housing discrimination.

2018 Housing Fact Book Release: 10/19

At the 2018 Housing Fact Book Luncheon, HousingWorks RI at RWU will host Tiffany Manuel, Vice President of Knowledge, Impact and Strategy for Enterprise Community Partners as our keynote speaker.

ProJo: R.I. needs more homes

Rhode Island has long fallen short in meeting its housing needs, and it’s gotten to the point where no matter where you turn, the numbers are bleak. The state’s per capita housing production was the lowest in the nation last year, and it’s been either the lowest or one of the lowest for more than a decade.

ProJo: My Turn: Joseph Shekarchi: Commuter rail a sound R.I. investment

The fact that Boston is on the “short list” for the new Amazon headquarters raises a question for Rhode Island: how can we benefit if the company does land an hour north of us? The state House of Representatives and I have long been thinking about how to take advantage of the economic opportunities Boston presents for Rhode Island. The best place to start is to ask: “What do people who work in Boston need that Rhode Island can provide — maybe even better than Boston can?”

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