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Scituate Reservoir

Scituate at a Glance:

The town of Scituate is located in Providence County, Rhode Island. Scituate was first settled in 1710 by emigrants from Scituate, Massachusetts. The original spelling of the town's name was "Satuit", a native Indian word meaning "cold brook" or "cold river." It was part of Providence until 1731.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 54.8 square miles, of which 6.1 square miles is water. The Scituate Reservoir is the largest freshwater body of water in the state of Rhode Island. It has an aggregate capacity of 39 billion U.S. gallons and a surface area of 5.3 square miles. It and its six tributary reservoirs—which make up a total surface area of 7.2 square miles—supply drinking water to more than 60 percent of the state population. The surrounding drainage basin that provides water to the reservoir system covers an area of about 94 square miles, which includes most of the town of Scituate and parts of Foster, Glocester, Johnston, and Cranston. The Scituate Reservoir is operated by Providence Water Supply Board.
Scituate's governmental structure is composed of a seven-member Town Council.

Housing Facts: 2013

Typical monthly housing payment* for a $229,950 house $1,774
Household income required to afford a $229,950 house $70,943
Average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment $1,308
Household income required for that rent to be affordable $52,320
Average private-sector wage for jobs in Scituate $29,068
Foreclosures in Scituate  
Actual number of foreclosures 12
Total number of mortgaged housing units 2,279
Foreclosures as a percentage of mortgaged stock 0.53%
Housing Units in Scituate  
Number of year-round housing units 1,402
Housing units that quality as affordable 35
Affordable housing units reserved for the elderly 24
Affordable housing units reserved for families 0
Affordable housing units reserved for persons with special needs 11
Homes funded through Building Homes Rhode Island 0
How much housing is needed?  
Additional housing units necessary to meet the 10% threshold established by the State's Low and Moderate Income Housing Act of 2004 375