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Long-term affordable ownership home developed by Habitat South County. Funded in part through BHRI.

Charlestown at a Glance:

The town of Charlestown was incorporated in 1738. It is located in Washington County. It covers 59.3 square miles, 22.5 of which is water. Charlestown’s governmental structure is composed of a five-member elected Town Council and a Town Administrator.

Housing Facts: 2012

Typical monthly housing payment* for a $292,500 house $1,941
Household income required to afford a $292,500 house $77,652
Average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment $1,271
Household income required for that rent to be affordable $50,840
Average private-sector wage for jobs in Charlestown $39,884
Foreclosures in Charlestown  
Actual number of foreclosures 10
Total number of mortgaged housing units 1,857
Foreclosures as a percentage of mortgaged stock 0.50%
Housing Units in Charlestown  
Number of year-round housing units 3,494
Housing units that quality as affordable 70
Affordable housing units reserved for the elderly 0
Affordable housing units reserved for families 16
Affordable housing units reserved for persons with special needs 54
Homes funded through Building Homes Rhode Island 8
How much housing is needed?  
Additional housing units necessary to meet the 10% threshold established by the State's Low and Moderate Income Housing Act of 2004 279