Ranch & ADU

What is a Ranch?

The Ranch is a single-story single family home that is a popular domestic style. It is characterized by a large, balanced floor plan and a long horizontal elevation. The entrance is in the center separating a living room, dining room and kitchen with the bedrooms and bathrooms. There is usually an attached garage and a fairly large lot size. Interior conversions are not very feasible because of the minimal extra room, but if done will eliminate a considerable amount of room for the family.

Special Features

Ranch: The Ranch home became popular after World War II as residential development increased in the suburban neighborhoods of Rhode Island. Ranches provided a functional single family home on one floor level. Key features are: 

  • Typically all rooms on one main floor level. 
  • Low pitched roof side-gable or hipped roof.
  •  Attic space is typically uninhabitable. 
  • Common area and sleeping areas often separate. 
  • Often has an attached garage.  
  • Typically have 30 foot setback. 
  •  Lot size ⅓-½ acre.

Options for Conversion: 

On the pages that follow, take a closer look at housing's connections to the Exterior Attached Addition, Freestanding New Structure.

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