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ProJo: My Turn: Craig Kaufmann: Learning to listen on Broad Street

I first met “John” in the Grace Church Cemetery, in Providence, just after sundown. He was a powerful figure rocking back and forth in front of a faded tombstone, with fresh cuts on his arms and a look of disbelief that we had stopped to talk with him. This would be one of many first “appointments” in what has become a weekly cornerstone of my work.

The Brown Daily Herald: Local advocacy group pushes rent control

After a childhood littered with eviction notices, Providence native Franklin Rivera began adulthood by moving into an apartment last year — and was promptly faced with a leaking roof, hazardous electrical outlets, an unresponsive landlord and the burden of filing a lawsuit. The apartment is so “unlivable” that Rivera has sued his landlord for “not maintaining the apartment and not having a habitable house to live in,” he said.

NK Standard Times: Exeter TC supports policy to mediate foreclosures

At the request of Rhode Island's Attorney General, the Exeter town council voted Monday to support the removal of a sunset provision regarding the residential mortgage foreclosure mediation passed in 2013.

The Verge: This cheap 3D-printed home is a start for the 1 billion who lack shelter

Food, water, and shelter are basic human needs, but 1.2 billion people in the world live without adequate housing, according to a report by the World Resources Institute’s Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. Today at SXSW, an Austin-based startup will unveil its approach to combat that deficiency by using low-cost 3D printing as a potential solution.

The Westerly Sun: Demographics foretell worsening squeeze on region’s housing

The Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments recommended in a report Thursday that area communities increase their capacity for lower-cost, multifamily housing.

The Block Island Times: Loans available for sewer tie-ins

Island homeowners with antiquated septic systems may have an opportunity to connect to the town sewer system affordably through a state run program if they’re eligible. Town Manager Ed Roberge introduced the item to the Town Council based on a recommendation made to him by Finance Director Amy Land.

ProJo: R.I. bill seeks to end Section 8 stigma

The federal Housing Choice Voucher program was created during the Reagan administration to give low-income tenants a way to find housing of their own choosing in the private market, instead of being limited to Section 8-financed projects. But in Rhode Island, that intended choice and mobility are often pre-empted by landlords who say: “No Section 8.”

Enterprise: Community Developments: Enterprise Submits Comments on the Implementation of Opportunity Zones

A daily roundup of news impacting housing and communities. March 16, 2018.

NEHN: Homes Matter in New England

The New England Housing Network produced an infographic, Homes Matter in New England.

NLIHC: Now Available: The Gap: A Shortage of Affordable Homes 2018

NLIHC released today its report The Gap: A Shortage of Affordable Homes, which finds a shortage of 7.2 million affordable and available rental homes for extremely low income (ELI) renter households, those with incomes at or below the poverty level or 30% of their area median income. The report calls for increasing investments in affordable housing programs for the lowest income households like the national Housing Trust Fund, Housing Choice Vouchers, and public housing, and for expanding and improving the Low Income Housing Tax Credit so it serves more ELI households.

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